Thursday, August 7, 2014

My Sister's Birthday Card

My sister has a great yard filled with tons of flowering plants and trees.  She has a garden of fruits and veges throughout  her yard as well.  She literally removed all her grass and did plants and paths everywhere.  So for her birthday, I did a Strawberry Pop Up Card!  She's got a ton of those too!

The card is part of a set at and I made it on my Cricut using MTC software.

I post on Facebook and forget to put things here!

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Mary Eisen

Monday, August 4, 2014

Birthday Boys Gifts

Three brothers, three birthdays and they all love sports, so I made three hats and filled them with gift cards, Big League Chewing gum and sour patch kids!

The logo is two of the brother's baseball team's logo.
I purchased the file from and cut it all on my Cricut.

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Mary Eisen

Thursday, July 31, 2014

August Stamp of the Month - What a Hoot!

This is the stamp of the month for August:

This is the silly card I made:

You can see from the top shot below that I used foam tape to make the eyes, wings and flowers stick out.  The flowers and wings have foam tape only on the top so they are raising off the page.

(you can see them tomorrow with the new catty online)

I used the fat side to do his body and the small end to do the wings.
Also the flowers are with the markers too.  I used just our regular inks to stamp the image.
I just didn't color over the stamped image a lot.

I random stamped the pumpkin on the bamboo paper.
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Monday, June 30, 2014

Stamp of the Month Blog hop - Circus Alphabet

We are hopping again thru the blog hop.
If you came from Shirley's blog, keep hopping and you'll do a complete circle
- or start here and continue a circle from here.

The stamp of the month is Circus Alphabet:
When I did this layout last week I knew what I would be doing with the photos!
I used the stamp set to do the words: CARNIVAL FUN
We attended Greek Fest in Milwaukee and my daughter went on every ride a dozen times!
A close up of the letters. I used our old markers (hint hint) to color the letters in.
The paper was a June Special paper pack!
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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Teacher gifts

My Daughter Jeanie asked me to make something special for her student teacher and her teacher.  These are what I created with

The front little pocket is for decoration. Going to fill them with candy and gift cards! The paper is from when I started at CTMH 8 years ago!  Loved it then and works great for this project now!
Thanks for looking!

Saturday, May 31, 2014

June Stamp Of The Month - Kaboom S1406

Jumping thru the blog hop you should be coming from Katy's blog, if not, start here and continue and you will make a complete circle.

Here is the stamp set:

First Card with random stamping and washi tape creating bling!
This second card I white embossed the fireworks to look like raised flowers and then sponged yellow ink over it softly.  I also added some strong yellow lines using our water color pencils.  The green grass and stems are all water color pencils.  The grass was blended, not the stems.

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Then hop over to Kathleen's blog to see her great artwork.

Mother's Day Card

Sorry I've been away from scrapbooking for awhile.  Here is a card I made for my mom for Mother's Day:

 Layout was purchased from SVG
 Card folds up and fits into an envelope

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Mary Eisen

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

May Stamp of the Month - You've Got a Friend

Hopping thru the Stamp of the Month this month - if you are coming from Jill's blog, you are on the right track, otherwise, keep hopping and you will make a complete circle.

This is the May stamp of the Month:

 I made a card:

Can anyone guess the old baby apple stamp I used to create a border?  
I also created layers with the apple stamp and glued them together to form a rounder apple
The paper is Timberline
Thanks for looking - now hop over to Joy's Blog for more great ideas for this stamp set.

Monday, March 31, 2014

April Stamp of the Month: Balloon Talk

We are hopping again thru the stamp of the month.  If you came from Kathleen's blog, you are on the right track, otherwise, start here and it will do a complete circle.

This month it's Balloon Talk:

See the red line around some of them - they can be cut with one of our Cricut Cartridges.

Here's the whole layout - both pages.  Sorry iPad doesn't like wide photos
Left Side
Right Side

Thanks for looking! Please go to Carla's Blog to see some more great artwork with this stamp set!

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Mary Eisen

Friday, February 28, 2014

March Stamp Of The Month - Happy Place

If you are coming from Krista's blog, you are on the right track.  If you are starting here, keep hopping and you will do a complete circle.  This month is a fun set:

 I used the Like Mother/Like Daughter stamp and the heart for my one page layout:

Sorry somewhat blurry iPad didn't want to work for me. (The iphone didn't do much better.
Wanted to get these posted in time so the top one isn't clear.)
3 Generations cooking Greek Cookies for a Girl Scout Event. 
Here are some close ups:

 Before powdered sugar
( So that you can tell they are cookies.)
 After Sugar - there's about 4 layers of cookies stacked.

Thanks for looking! 
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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Jeanie's Birthday Cake

I created a roller skate out of paper using two kits from SVG 
One kit has an ice skate and the other has round gift boxes - 
put the two together and created the roller skate I needed.
My daughter had her 8th Birthday Party at the local roller rink with some friends and family.

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Mary Eisen

Monday, February 3, 2014

Da Bling! CTMH Way!

At our meeting last weekend we were treated to the Close To My Heart Jewerly!
Kathy McGraw, our upline, provided us all with a chain, a charm and the parts to make our own necklace!
These just came out this month! How Awesome!
I took the hanging piece off the end of the chain and brought it forward and added a camera charm! 
I'm ordering the diamond charm to add to it too! What fun!
 Click photo above to see all the NEW STUFF!!!
Thanks for looking!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Stamp of the Month Blog Hop - Wild About Love

Welcome to the February Stamp of the Month Blog Hop!!!
If you came from Sarita's blog, then you are going the right direction, if you are starting here, 
that's ok, keep hopping and you will make a complete circle.

This month's stamp set is:

Wild About Love

Sooo perfect for Valentine's Day Cards! I made 2!!!

Ok, now some of these stamps I can't just put on anyone's card/envelope 
- so I saved the best for the hubby!
The Wild Thing is raised with foam squares and 
the hearts were stamped with textured stamp set and sponged.

I put this in the inside and that on the envelope!

THIS IS MY DAUGHTER'S CARD!!! Do ya get it????
Bling on the flower!
TIP:  When cutting out things with your cricut to go with our stamps CUT MORE THAN ONE!!!
(my sister consultant Kathy B reminded me of this)
Why? Not just for mistakes, but for using later! I did a bunch of sizes and shapes and filled a whole page.
I put them into a drawer for use later - some of these shapes will be used in future SOTM stamp sets!!
Thanks for looking, leave a comment and please keep hopping! Next is Lucy's Blog!


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